How it started

Open Steps is an initiative from two young Berliners, Alex Corbi (Spaniard) and Margo Thierry (French), who decided to leave their daily lives and travel around the world for one year. The purpose of this journey, which took place between July 2013 and July 2014, was to meet individuals and organisations actively working in Open Knowledge (OK) related projects while divulging the principles behind this global movement.


Alex and Margo traveled across Southeast Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and South America and meet a broad spectrum of activists on the way, from hackerspaces to public administrations not forgetting ONGs, newsrooms, universities and groups from the civil society promoting the use of Open Data and Open Source technologies, bringing awareness about the benefits of Open Government or Open Science initiatives. The activities of these OK supporters from all over the world as well as projects happening outside of the travel route and first-hand experiences with Knowledge Sharing programmes have been documented on this blog in form of a travel diary.

In these regularly published articles, you can find the outcomes generated by a series of workshops entitled “Visualising Open Data to bring out global issues” and “Documenting Open Knowledge around the world”, which were organised more than 20 times in English and Spanish in the different countries visited. The objective was not only to give a better understanding on what is Open Data, its visualisation and the benefits and principles behind it, but also to exchange with local people about the status of Open Knowledge in their respective country and encourage new projects to grow. You can read the final report of this amazing journey following the links below or browse through the category The Journey.

Final Report:

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