Meeting @ Tactical Tech, Bangalore, India

imagesTacticalTechnology Collective is the first organisation we have met as part of this intense week in Bangalore, the indian IT-Metropolis. Tactical Tech is both a dutch NGO and a registered studio company. In the beginning, the members of the organisation worked as a worldwide network of individuals, in the last years the structure has being strengthened and soon they will settle their main office in Berlin.

TacticalTech provides expertise and Know-How to NGOs, activists and rights advocates working on corruption, transparency, human rights and a long list of other relevant issues. After spending time together and analysing their needs, Tactical Tech helps them use safely and effectively digital tools and work with data visualisation for campaigning, communication and awareness making.

Besides this, the Berlin/India based NGO is sharing all this knowledge by generating a large number of contents which are available in form of films, toolkits, guides, trainings and events.

A very elaborated multimedia output

DSCF0215First, we have these wonderfully designed books and toolkits which contains guides and essential information around topics like creating and running a NGO (ngo-in-a-box, a collection of essential Open Source tools for running a small-to-medium NGO that has become a piece of cult), mobile advocacy (mobiles-in-a-box, 2008) and making media with impact (message-in-a-box, 2008). Although their work consists on analysing critically how we make use of technology (security-in-a-box), they have not forgotten the importance and effectiveness of the print and visual media. In fact, they have produced and released several movies that complete their online and printed material.

visualising_information_for_advocacy_book_pic_sWe would like to specially remark their last publication (Visualising Information for Advocacy, September 2013) which has been developed out of their experience over the last past ten years and reflects what they have learned about working with information, technology, design and networks in advocacy.

This book contains ideas, strategies and valuable information accompanied with numerous examples and successful worldwide stories that show how information can be used effectively on making awareness, telling stories and exploring issues. We definitely recommend you to get the book in case you are looking for an inspiration source and a-z guide on the topic.

And all of this with a worldwide approach! Most of the products has being translated to several languages and their workshops and trainings take place all over the world. Not to forget, events like the Info-Activism Camp they have organised twice, the last one taking place this year in Italy. This is probably a consequence of the multicultural nature of the collective.

Read, use, and pass on!

One of the reasons we are covering TacticalTech’s activities is that they are real supporters of the principles behind Open Source and Creative Commons. All their works are being released under Creative Commons licenses which allows others to take their contents as a basis for derivative works.

A remarkable proof of this collaborative potential dates back to March 2013, when Tactical Tech met with five organisations in Beirut to brainstorm ways in which their range of info-activism resources could be adapted for use by activists in the Arab region.

The interesting results contained the translation of some of their printed and online contents, the contextualization of some of the strategies in critical environments like the syrian revolution movement or the development of printed versions from existing online resources.

See you in Berlin

We wish the team behind Tactical Tech, specially Maya Indira Ganesh, who kindly received us in their office in Bangalore, a successful future and look forward to meeting them in Berlin once they move in their brand new office.

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