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Open Steps : A journey around the world discovering and showcasing Open Knowledge projects

Open Steps is an initiative from two young berliners Alex Corbi (spanish, software developer) and Margo Thierry (french, european politics) who decided to leave their daily lives in July 2013 and travel around the world for one year. The purpose of this journey is to meet people and organisations working actively in Open Knowledge related projects, divulging the principles behind this topic.

On our website and in form of a travel diary, we are publishing the documentation and results of these encounters. There, articles about the status of Open Data in the visited countries can be found as well as interviews with activists from the civil society who work hard to promote open cultures. Also, we report on first-hand experiences with Knowledge Sharing initiatives like a solar energy festival in Czech republic or our participation in the wwoofing programme in Turkey.

Open Steps is supported by the Open Knowledge Foundationwhich provides us with valuable contacts and covered the first two months of our project on its blog and CartoDB, giving us technological support for our workshop on Open Data visualisation: “Visualising Open Data to bring out global issues”.

Why do Open Knowledge and Open Data matter?

Under Open Knowledge we understand information, data and/or contents which are free to be used, reused and redistributed. We believe this freedom is a great chance to improve our society in terms of equality, transparency, innovation and democracy.

Open Data can be considered as a part of this great concept, but related to data. That is what the second part of our project is focused on. With the support of the organisations we have collaborated with, we run our workshop along the way. Through it, we are not only spreading the word but also creating an opportunity to discuss about the level of openness in each country.

Cover Open Steps on your media

If you find our project interesting, you can help us to divulge these principles to a bigger audience by covering our story. You can experience more about Open Steps in the following ways:

-Visiting the contents of our website:
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-Interviewing us: we would be pleased to answer your questions (we speak english, german, spanish and french).
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Open Steps is an independent blog aggregating worldwide information around Open Cultures in form of articles, videos and other resources. Its aim is to document Open Knowledge (OK) related projects and organisations either using Open Data, promoting Open Source technologies, launching Open Government initiatives, following the principles behind Open Science, supporting the release of information or practising Data Journalism. In this way, this site seeks to continue, this time virtually, the globetrotter project realised between July 2013 to July 2014 and discover further OK projects all around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to be part of this amazing journey!