Documenting Solar Festival @ Hranice, Czech Republic

DSCF2541On saturday, we were happy to attend the third edition of Solakra Solar Festival (3-7.07.2013) in a Czech village from East Bohemia called Hranice. Organised by the yo-yo-yo collective, with support from OKNO and ECOS, this is an annual meeting around the topic of solar energy, sustainability, ecological innovation and culture. In a former cowshed and its big garden as festival location, we met people from different nationalities (Czech republic, France, Belgium, Slovakia ) which were realising and presenting different kinds of projects related to the energy of the sun.

DSCF2555DSCF2550As part of the daily program the visitors could enjoy an electronics workshop for children where participants could start tinkering with electronics and build solar powered robots. These robots were used later as performers in an experimental music concert played by Berlin based Ralf Schreiber.

Later, after the attendees gathered to enjoy the dinner together and the day turned into night, some inspiring projects like the or politics of change were presented before the screening of the „Solar eclipse“ documentary film in an improvised outdoor cinema.

We would also like to underline another project by yo-yo-yo collective: the Rur Art Map which consist on a printed map showing the different rural locations hosting cultural and art projects in Czech Republic.


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